Intimate Connections

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We provides Sex Solutions to Christian Wives so they can reduce sexual frustration, improve their health, and have better sex.

Vision, Mission, Purpose, Goal

*Vision - To see women whole and without lack in the sexual area of their lives.

*Mission - To strengthen marriage through educating women, men, and couples in the Christian community on sexual wellness and wholeness.

*Purpose - To help women make a shift in the way they think about sex so they can forever delight in the pleasures of sexual intimacy.

*Goal - To teach women to have better sex and help them feel comfortable, be open-minded, and get excited about learning to love their sex life.


Coaching Workshops with Mavis

I learned how vital it is to be more vocal
about my wants and needs.
First Lady Mavis helped me learn how to
grow in my intimate relationship
with my spouse. 


"Secrets of a Good Wife"

“Your book is bad!
What I love is you not only share
WHAT we can do, but you also
teach us the HOW.
I love that!” 



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